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Hosted by FPA of Greater New Orleans

2019 Education Day

Spend the day with us on August 30th for 2019 Education Day!

Whether you are an Education Day veteran or a new attendee, you'll benefit from the wide array of educational sessions at FPA of Greater New Orleans' 2019 Education Day. Enjoy an ideal mix of learning, engaging with peers, and networking at 2019 Education Day. Gain new insights and take back ideas you can put into practice right away.

Resource Partners - Our Resource Partners will be back with solutions to help you grow your practice. Spend time in our exhibit space and find possible solutions. Looking for informal guidance on challenges you're facing? Tap into the knowledge and expertise of our resource partners and senior-level peers.

This is a great forum to exchange ideas, and speak with colleagues that may offer a new and different perspective.

Mark Your Calendar. More information on 2019 Education Day will be posted soon.

Friday, August 30, 2019



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Aug 30 2019 9:30AM

Putting Value on Your Value: Quantifying Benefits of Portfolio Construction, Wealth Management, and Behavioral Coaching Services

Using Vanguard's Advisor's Alpha research, this presentation focuses on helping financial planners quantify the ways to add value for clients through relationship-oriented services that can go beyond market out performance. While this has proven elusive for most investors, the study demonstrates how relationship-oriented value can add about 3% in net returns, depending on a client's circumstances, while also improving client retention.

Learning Objective(s)
1) Review the more reliable benefits of your client relationships beyond outperformance, which has proved elusive for most investors. 2) Quantify the relationship-oriented wealth management services outlined in Vanguard's Advisor's Alpha concept. 3) Summarize the benefits to planners, including better alignment with client needs and improved client retention.

Aug 30 2019 10:30AM

The Evolution of Advisor's Alpha: From Portfolios to People

In a world of new advice models, stand out by embracing the concept that relationship management is a crucial element of advice. The hardest thing to do - engage with clients - is the highest value and will result in long-lasting, profitable relationships. Strategically thinking through how you use your time and how your leverage technology can ensure every client feels cared for. Learn more about hte following: Economic views to help guide your views throughout the year; Understand that clients care about more than just performance; Learn about how increased attention yields real business results.

Learning Objective(s)
Economic Concepts, Apply the following economic concepts and measures in making financial planning recommendations Measure and communicate a client’s portfolio performance using different risk and return measures. Demonstrate how a planner can develop a relationship of honesty and trust in client interaction. Establishing and defining client planner relationship.


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DateCourse Title/DescriptionStartCFP®
Aug 30, 2019 Putting Value on Your Value: Quantifying Benefits of Portfolio Construction, Wealth Management, and Behavioral Coaching Services 9:30 A 1.00
The Evolution of Advisor's Alpha: From Portfolios to People 10:30 A 1.00