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Tech Tool Let's Advisors Create Visuals on Demand A simple interface to produce on-demand charts and graphs that advisors can share with clients. Read More.

Seven New Small-Business Tax Rules You Haven't Heard Of The new tax law spawned a lot of stories about pass-through business income, but it also establishes several other rules for small businesses. Read More.

Future Retirees Will Be More Vulnerable to Market Shocks: CRR Retirees' financial fragility increases as they depend more on financial assets for income, the Center for Retirement Research reports. Read More.

Advisors, don't let couples fall into this "super risky" financial behavior Working with client couples can present many awkward challenges, especially if one of the partners is less financially literate than the other. Read More.

New tax forms could speed up filings for retirees Clients over the age of 65 will be able to choose a new simplified tax form when filing taxes in 2020 — due to a provision tucked away inside the two-year budget agreement passed by Congress in February. Read More.

Con artists pose as FINRA to scam clients
What’s the latest hoax scammers are using to trip up potential victims? They’re posing as FINRA’s CEO. Read More.

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